The SalesWings Salesforce package is respectful of your Salesforce Org storage limits, by architectural design.

You can limit the number of activity records that are sent into Salesforce (Custom object "SW - Page Visits"), based on the age of the activity.

To be taken into consideration:

  • The activity records "SW Page visits" are visible in a related list** on the lead and contact level, see here:

  • The actual lead activity is in any case shown in the "lead intelligence tile" (Visualforce Frame*), so if your goal is to show the activity to your sales reps, you can safely limit the number of activity records, see here:

  • IF your sales reps are often in the field, and use the mobile apps to access Salesforce, you may consider leaving the full history of activity records. This is because Salesforce currently (May 2020) does not support Visualforce Frames* in its mobile apps, but indeed show the related lists**.

How to limit activity records:

ATTENTION: Must only be done by full Salesforce system administrator!

  1. In Salesforce, go to the menu tab called "SalesWings Setup"

  2. Pause the sync

  3. Edit Settings

  4. Limit to "1 month" to only store the activity of the last 30 days

  5. Save Settings

  6. RESUME SYNC (!)

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