SalesWings is a smart, minimal invasive sales tool for both the marketing and the sales team to understand which are the best leads today, based on their level of interest shown on your website.

Sales teams can automatically track their leads with our Gmail and MS Outlook Desktop plugins and get real-time notifications when someone is active on the website, or revisits after weeks or months.

Marketing teams can keep using their mailing tools and add SalesWings to benefit from a smart website tracking and lead scoring solution.

This Video is all you need to know.

Essentials: Beginning (~3min)

Sales lead tracking: 3m 37s - 10m 05s

Marketing lead tracking: 10m 05s - End

What are the steps I need to take?

Let's start right away. (For any question, write us here!)

1) If you wish to use our Sales Tracking, add our Gmail or Outlook plugin, log into the plugin with your user information, and send your first emails to understand the work flow.

2) To start tracking and scoring a lead's website visits, you will need to add a small snippet of Javascript to each page on your website.

As of then, all leads you send an email to using the SalesWings Gmail or Outlook plugin, will show up in your SalesWings cockpit. As soon as a lead clicks on a link (to your website) within your tracked email we will start tracking their activity on your website.

Easy to understand Contact Cockpit

(1) Favorites are king!

By default all contacts are favorites. This means we will not only send you a real-time notification when they turn "hot", but every time they visit your website. Don't worry, maximum one notification per contact / day is sent.

You can opt-out of a contact's "favorite notifications" by unchecking the star, or you can opt-out for all contacts' "favorite notifications" inside the settings.

(2) Contact list

See the contact's e-mail in this column, and sort them when clicking on the title

(3.1) Watch out for hot flames!

The hotter the flame (blue, orange, red), the more interested your contact is at the moment that you look at him.

We use a smart algorithm to measure the activity of the contact on your website.


> The hotter the flame, the more interested the lead is in your company!

> Combine our flame information with your CRM data and knowledge of the customer, and follow-up with contacts before your competition does!

(3.2) Last interest = Last website visit of your contact

Today, contacts study the different websites of the companies they are interested in, before deciding whether to get in touch with you.

By default, your list is sorted by the last website visitor.


> Contact returning visitors within 24 hours!

> Sort by oldest visits, and make sure to follow up with people who haven't visited in a long time!

(4) Contact Score: the higher, the better!

Whenever a contact visits your website, we add to his score. This allows you to identify contacts who show a lot of interest over time.


> If you have many hot leads, start with the ones with the highest score

> Reach out to the highest scoring contacts once a quarter. You can order the contacts easily by sorting the cockpit view by score.

Filter by HOT contacts!

At the top of your Contact List you will find the filters, which allow you to focus on the right contacts.

(1) Click on the flame to only see hot contacts


> You can use the favorite filter on top, in order to see only favorite contacts who are hot

(2) How many of your website visitors are unidentified?

(2) At the bottom of your list you see the number of website visitors which you are not tracking yet (Missed Leads).

These are all potential clients, leads, investors, candidates... you name it!


> Track contacts every day to gain more control over potential opportunities!

> (3) The easiest way to start tracking the maximum number of contacts is to include SalesWings tracking links in your company newsletters (open help guide to read later)

Keep an eye on favorite contacts!

(1) Filter to see only favorite contacts

Over time, your list will grow, and filtering by favorite contacts is an easy way to not miss opportunities from important contacts who return to your website.

(2) & (3) Next sort by Hotness, Last visit, or Lead Score

Use the different activity indicators to decide who you will reach out to next!


> Start contacting the low-hanging fruit: HOT favorite contacts

> Sort by oldest visits: You should reach out to important contacts at least once a quarter! Set aside some time to complete your follow-ups.

Use your common sense and gut instincts when deciding how and when to follow up with contacts...

Don't forget the contacts who have not visited your website in a while!

(1) Click the lightening bolt icon to see contacts who are at risk of forgetting you!

It pretty obvious but when you are selling a service or product with a long selling cycle, you need to stay in touch with your contacts regularly.

There are countless examples of sales people who have closed deals with contacts years after the first contact.

(2) If you're busy, focus on at risk contacts who you have previously made a favorite

By leveraging SalesWings everyday you will be able to sell smarter, stay more focused on your key contacts, and increase your deal closing rate.

Have a great day!

Your SalesWings team

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