Adding SalesWings data to Pipedrive cannot be done without adding fields dedicated to SalesWings. All fields start with "SW", so it's easy to find them and add them to views.

When connecting to Pipedrive from SalesWings, a process will automatically create a set of new custom fields. These fields will automatically be visible on the people view!

The full list of fields can be found here:

(!) Note that if you rename a custom field created by SalesWings, it won't be able to update the field accordingly. 

Possible solutions

(1) Restart sync

If you have connected Pipedrive a long time ago, maybe you are missing some fields. In this case, go to your SalesWings account >> Settings >> Pipedrive Settings and unlink the account, and link it again and start the sync

(2) Unhide fields

By default, all fields are shown on the person level. If an administrator has hidden them, and you wish to choose the fields displayed with the contact, you can do this here:

Go to --> "Pipedrive Settings" --> "Customize fields", select "People" and select  your option under "Show in details view".

This will not delete the field, but it won't be visible on your Pipedrive contact.

(3) Have you reached the Pipedrive field limit?

Every Pipedrive account has a limit of fields you can create. If you have reached this limit, SalesWings is not able to create all fields

The problem is, even old Pipedrive fields that you have deleted, are still counting towards your field limit, because they are not deleted but only archived.

In this case, you can contact the Pipedrive support and ask them to help out:

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