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Here are a list of tips and useful information for you to become successful with our partner program!

  1. How do I successfully refer my contacts to Saleswings?

Saleswings gives you a commission for clients who have visited our website initially from your marketing efforts. Your goal is to drive traffic to our website, and we will automatically track who signs up for a paid subscription - and pay you a commission.

After creating your partner sign-up in 1 minute, you will get access in your partner portal to referral links to our website, as well as banners which you can use to promote Saleswings.

Here are ideas how to drive traffic to our website - it’s “standard” digital marketing:

  • Send a newsletter to your contacts and write about Saleswings, including a partner referral link

  • Write a blog post about a related topic to Saleswings, or about Saleswings, and include partner referral links to our website 

  • Share your referral link per email

  • Share your referral link on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other channels

  • Put a Saleswings banner from your partner portal on your website or blog (you can find the banner in the tab “creatives”)

  1. Understand “Who is SalesWings for?”

SalesWings is a website tracking and lead scoring software. romote SalesWings across sales and marketing teams, and particularly focus on the head of sales, or head of marketing.

Here are some examples of pain points that sales or marketing might encounter. 

1. Looking to get a view on which leads are most sales-ready

2. Need a better sales and marketing alignment 

2. Looking to increase the number of deals closed 

3. Specifically looking for a lead scoring solution

4. Looking to track website visits of your leads

5. Looking for a lead scoring solution for Pipedrive or Salesforce, or other CRMs

Have a look at our website too, where we split our value proposition in 3 used cases for a better lead qualification of inbound leads, sales acceleration for sales teams and lead website tracking and lead scoring for email marketing.

  1. Be trustworthy

Try out Saleswings and share your SalesWings experience with your clients. Explain what SalesWings has brought to you and how you use it. 

You can also share our customer’s success stories.  

  1. Make your life easier, use our template: 


how are you doing? I found a great website tracking and lead scoring add-on the other day for sales and marketing teams, it seems to be a great solution. Have a look and let me know what you think. It basically tracks visits of your leads to your website through email campaigns (integrates with Mailchimp and the lkes), Gmail and Outlook, as well as after someone fills in a form on your website, and notifies the sales team when a lead is ready to be contacted. (INSERT YOUR PARTNER LINK HERE)

Kind regards”

  1. Give context

If you share the referral link through a blog, then add context. For instance, if your blog is about sales or marketing you could write about sales and marketing alignment, sales tools that increase closing rates, tools to boost your email marketing etc.

In each and all of these cases you can mention and explain how SalesWings works (see template). 

Another popular choice is to share the referral link through a newsletter. This could be done to support your blog post or simply to inform your clients about SalesWings. If you write a special newsletter for SalesWings then you also need to add context.


1. How can it help to solve a pain point for the sales and marketing team

2. How does it work

3. How does it solve your problem or that of another company (see case study)

Remember, we are also here to help you spread the news. So don’t hesitate to get in touch.


4. Review old content

You can update your old blog posts, articles and content by mentioning SalesWings with your partner referral links. 

7. Synergy between your own product and SalesWings

If you see a possible synergy between SalesWings and the product you sell, then create a sales script to talk about SalesWings at each valuable opportunity. If you are a sales manager you might also want to inform your sales team about the script.

We hope these tips help! Let us know if you need questions by writing us to support@saleswingsapp.com

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