We’re excited to announce the Saleswings Sales and Marketing Technology Referral Partner Program, giving a fantastic opportunity for sales technology consultants, marketing consultants, sales and marketing agencies. Joining takes less than a minute!

Offer new services thanks to the Sales and Marketing Technology Referral Partner Program

Joining takes less than a minute, and while keeping the efforts to join the program low for you, this opens up a large variety of opportunities for you to:

  • Help your clients increase their revenues thanks to a fantastic sales and marketing technology

  • Create new services and consulting opportunities thanks around a leading sales acceleration and marketing technology

  • Simply gain revenues by referring your clients, network and contacts to Saleswings

Why Join the Sales and Marketing Technology Referral Partner Program?

Earn a good commission for every success story 

Our referral partner program agreement is designed to reward you with hard cash for successfully referring your clients to Saleswings. The reward is paid on revenues for each client that signs-up for a SalesWings paid subscription!

What is Saleswings?

SalesWings aims to help sales teams increase their deal closing rate from sales and marketing generated leads. We do so by identifying the best opportunities and most interested leads based on their website research and activity, and sync data to our lead cockpit and lead CRM systems such as Salesforce or Pipedrive.

Marketing automation software offer a wide array of features, but complex solutions are not always adapted to all companies. Mainly because they are often expensive to purchase, complex in its use and forces companies to replace their existing new solutions.

SalesWings upgrades traditional email marketing software, email clients and website forms with lead scoring and lead website tracking capabilities. The SalesWings add-on will score the level of engagement of the leads generated by the marketing team and inform the sales team when the leads are sales-ready, so that they can immediately follow up. 


How do I join the best Saleswings lead referral program?

Signing up takes less than a minute, you just need to subscribe for free to our sales and marketing business partner program

Secondly, you need to collect your unique referral URL. There are two ways of doing this: either directly after signing up for the program (see image below), or directly from your email box. Of course you can customize these links to deep link to various sections of our website including blog posts, Salesforce, Pipedrive, or any sub-solution - depending on what your audience likes!  

Thirdly, you can share the customized URL through:

  • A link on a section on your website

  • In a blog post

  • In a newsletter

  • In a LinkedIn group

  • On your LinkedIn profile

  • On Facebook

  • Anywhere you can think of

We also offer a section with banners which you can use to promote Saleswings

This will allow you to spread the news in the way that works best for you (newsletter, while proposing your consulting service, etc.). 

Note: Your clients must click the link with your unique URL so that the visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes. The visitor has 180 days to buy our solution. 

Last but not the least, you will receive a good commission on revenues for each client account that signs-up for a SalesWings paid subscription.

FAQ about the SalesWings Sales and Marketing Technology Referral Partner Program

Do I get training?

Yes, you can naturally get a personal demo to learn all about Saleswings and our value proposition, and to understand when Saleswings is a good fit with your clients.

What do I need to do to refer a client?

You can either just share links to our website on LinkedIn, your blog, in your newsletters, or use our banners for your blog - and all traffic that you drive to website is tracked. Like this, we know who signed up through you, and can reward you accordingly.

If you create a free trial account for your client, you can also manually create the contact as a referral in the login of the Saleswings Sales and Marketing Technology Referral Partner Program.

How are rewards paid?

Rewards are paid in cash to your Paypal account, as soon as your referred clients pay.

Ready to become a SalesWings Partner?

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