As per request of LinkedIn, SalesWings has discontinued the LinkedIn tracking feature. But, you can simply track your leads' web engagement using Gmail or Outlook.)


What does the plugin do for me?

When you send an Inmail or a LinkedIn message to a prospect, our "Saleswings for LinkedIn" extension will automatically add tracking to all links which point at your website in your message, to understand what prospects you need to follow up with.


When a prospect is interested, and clicks on a link to your website, we will notify you in real-time, and show you his website activity on your Saleswings cockpit. Here are the answers you get:


  • Who should I follow up with first?

  • What products / services is he interested in on your website?

  • How many times has he visited your website?

  • How strong is his interest (predictive score based on what he does on your website over time)?




  1. (Create a Saleswings account)

  2. Install the "Saleswings for LinkedIn" Chrome extension here

  3. Log in with your user credentials in the plugin

  4. Send messages and InMails to your prospects, and make sure to include links to your website!

  5. Prospects are automatically added to your cockpit, and links automatically tracked


Before sending messages and Inmails, make sure to reload the LinkedIn window!



When is not working?

Today, our "Saleswings for LinkedIn" extension only works on the "normal" LinkedIn screen with normal messages and Inmails.


The tracking does NOT work:

  1. On the Sales Navigator it does not work

  2. On the Recruiter screen it does not work

  3. Inside CRM like Salesforce it does not work

  4. When you hit "Ctrl + Enter" to send messages

  5. Often, when the "press enter to reply" is activated; it's needs to be switched off by default



Why does our plugin matter: Social Prospecting is simply Key.

Social Selling, and Social Prospecting on LinkedIn, is a key discipline of modern sales and business development managers, recruiters, and entrepreneurs.

Our brand-new, exclusive "Saleswings for LinkedIn" add-on will finally allow you to prioritize your LinkedIn follow-ups by tracking your leads through LinkedIn Inmails and messages.


If you have further questions, please send us a message to



(Aaaarrrghh... we had to discontinue the LinkedIn tracking feature, as per request from LinkedIn.

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