When is the LinkedIn tracking not working?

Today, our "Saleswings for LinkedIn" extension only works on the "normal" LinkedIn screen with normal messages and Inmails.


The tracking does NOT work:

  1. On the Sales Navigator it does not work
  2. On the Recruiter screen it does not work
  3. Inside CRM like Salesforce it does not work
  4. When you hit "Ctrl + Enter" to send messages
  5. Often, when the "press enter to reply" is activated; it's needs to be switched off by default


If it doesn't work for another reason, please make sure to:

  1. Check that you're logged into the Saleswings plugin when sending a LinkedIn message or Inmail
  2. Make sure that in your settings in Saleswings, you have the correct URL of your website set under "Account Settings"
  3. If your LinkedIn contacts show up on your cockpit, but they are all in status "Waiting", please refer to this guide on why contacts are "waiting"


If you have further questions, or observed another unwanted behavior, please send us a message to support@saleswingsapp.com.


Happy Prospecting!

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