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Lead Intent shows you what the purpose of your lead's website visit was, and what exactly they did.

This is useful for many situations, for example:


1) Highlighting the right benefits on the phone

  • Guide your phone conversation based on what his real needs are


2) Targeting your follow-up email

  • Choose the right content to send your lead in a follow-up email. Whether that's a link to a blog post, PDF, video or else, send him relevant content based on what they check out to help him take the right decision


3) Upselling

When an existing customer returns once in a while and keeps looking at some new products or services, it's the best opportunity to follow-up to upsell 


4) Support

  • If you discover that an existing customer keeps returning to your support pages or FAQ's, then you can offer him support timely and keep him happy and loyal

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