There is NO need to manually add or import contacts.

You have 3 ways how people get added to SalesWings:

1) Marketing Tracking

2) Individual Tracking

3) Inbound Lead tracking

If you get a lot of leads filling in forms on your website, we can also add tracking to those forms. Meaning, the second they fill in a form, we'll add them to Saleswings, track them and score their level of interest. The setup is a manual task and worth if you get a lot of leads. Details here:

PS: A small note;

Specific guides how to do "add contacts" and grow the list:

> Track / add individual contacts

> Track / add multiple contacts

> Track leads who fill in forms

Need help with the setup, or have questions?

We will be happy to help you with the setup. Simply contact us at or schedule a demo here.

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