There is NO need to manually add or import contacts.

You have 3 ways how people get added to SalesWings:

1) Marketing Tracking

The most effective way is to add Saleswings tracking to your newsletters, marketing automation or sales automation emails. Every person who will click on a link to your website in the emails, will automatically be created as a contact in Saleswings and track his visits. Since we track them anonymously, we also show you their past visits. Thanks to cookie tracking, you will also be notified if they return to your site - no matter if it's via Google or else. Integrating is super easy, here some details:

2) Individual Tracking

If you install our plugins for Outlook or Gmail, we will automatically add every person to Saleswings, that receives an email from you. The plugins will also add a unique tracking ID to all links in your emails. Once they click and visit your site, you got them! Details here:

3) Inbound Lead tracking

If you get a lot of leads filling in forms on your website, we can also add tracking to those forms. Meaning, the second they fill in a form, we'll add them to Saleswings, track them and score their level of interest. The setup is a manual task and worth if you get a lot of leads. Details here:

PS: A small note;

The more you use SalesWings, the bigger your SalesWings list will grow in an automated way. Make sure to include links to your website in any Email you send, it's a great way to keep them interested in your solutions too.

Specific guides how to do "add contacts" and grow the list:

> Track / add individual contacts

> Track / add multiple contacts

> Track leads who fill in forms

Need help with the setup, or have questions?

We will be happy to help you with the setup. Simply contact us at or schedule a demo here.

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