Situation 1:

  • You are a customer and don't want to remove all fields in Pipedrive

  • There are too many SalesWings fields, and you don't need them

  • Some of the fields in the contact view are unnecessary

In this situation, deleting a field will not help.

You will need to "hide" them, because SalesWings will recreate them for our software to work.

>> Please visit this Pipedrive guide for help

Situation 2:

  • You stopped using SalesWings - Really? :-(

  • You want to remove all or some fields

When your subscription stops, SalesWings will automatically disconnect your Pipedrive account and loses access to your Pipedrive account. Yet, we will not create the fields and the data in it.

To delete fields, you can follow these steps:

Go to --> "Pipedrive Settings" --> "Customize fields", select "People" and delete the fields on the right side by clicking on the red "x"

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