SFDC mail tracking works well for HTML emails. For plain text emails it is not recommended because the recipient would then see their email address in the links.

The merge tags you need to attach to your links are as follows:

For templates for emails sent to contacts: ?id_op={!Contact.Email}

For templates for emails sent to leads: ?id_op={!.Email}

You just need to put the merge tags at the end of a link to your site, for example:


So in HTML you'd want to put something like this.

"Here's a link to a page <a href="http://your-website-url.com?id_op={!Contact.Email}">about our team</a>

If you use UTM codes in your links, your link needs to look like this:

http://your-website-url.com?id_op={!Contact.Email}&utm_xxx=xxx&utm_yyy=yyy&... etc.

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