Through our custom events tracking, you can track many different interactions of your leads on your website such as video views, downloads, PDF's, or how they reach your website and more.

You can use this data to show it to your sales reps, to score, segment, tag, trigger alerts and more.

There are 2 ways to track referral source and attribution:

(1) Using UTM codes to track attribution and source of traffic

You can use UTM codes in links that you use to attracts leads to understand how they came to your website. Whether it's links you use in newsletters, online ads, blog posts or more, you can then use our automation solution to tag, segment, or trigger actions based on the UTM codes in your links. Not sure what UTM codes are? Here's an article about UTM codes and how to use them.

(2) You can use "custom events" to track sources of traffic

You can also track where leads are coming from to your website, even if you don't use UTM codes. For example, when they come through Google, Quora, or LinkedIn. Please refer to our guide "How to track custom events" for more details

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